Making The Right Choice Intel CPU Or AMD CPU

Now days, it really is a tough job for a person to choose and make purchase of central processing unit for his/her computer. As there are number of options available in the market such as Intel CPU and AMD CPU. Since central processing unit is considered to be the main functioning part of the computer therefore the more powerful it is, the better performance you can get from it. We have two giant companies producing the CPU’s and if you are planning to buy one then you must have some basic knowledge how about them.

You need to compare the speed, performance, price and life span so that you may be able to pick the best thing for you which fulfill all your requirements. With the introduction of multi-core processors in the market, the decision making is also affected as it includes most advanced functions and features such as AMD’s hyper transport technology, turbo core and Intel’s hyper threading technology, turbo boost. Therefore, selecting from Intel CPU and AMD CPU is a hard nut to crack. We have compared both on the basis of manufacturing, functionality, cache memory, graphic specification and price.

Manufacturing: As already mentioned, you can choose only from Intel processor or AMD processor. They are only manufacturing the CPU at present and offer a wide variety of functions at both entry and professional levels.

Functioning: Nowadays, computers performance and functionality of your processor is calculated on the basis of cores present in it and not on the clock speed. It’s not that single core processors are not present; they are available in the market too but they are considered out dated now. Intel CPU’s and AMD processors are now produced with multi-core processors which gives terrific performance at cheap rates. Therefore, people prefer multi-core processors over single core processors.

Cache Memory: The term cache memory is not new to our ears we all are well aware that cache memory runs as a buffer between CPU and RAM. It makes the processing speed faster. The more the cache memory you have the faster processing speed you can get from your processor. Hence, it is advisable to go for higher amount plus multiple levels of cache memory.

Graphic Specifications: when it comes to graphic specification its, AMD processors which hold the top position instead of Intel CPUs as it supports the high graphics and high definition gaming. Without even the installation of the graphic card, the AMD processor is able to take hold of the high graphics.

Price: The prices of Intel CPU and AMD CPU are never fixing; they keep on changing with the passage of time and with the advancements in technology. With every new breakthrough in the technology, the price of the old technology decreases. Moreover, there also is cut throat competition between Intel and AMD companies both try to gain the share of the other. This competition keeps the consumer at a very good place.

In the end whether to choose Intel CPU or AMD CPU, it all comes to your affordability power and need.

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