Official Features Of iMO for PC

IMO is an app with which you can stay connected with your family, his friends, and closed ones. This is the only app which provides you the feeling of live talk with anyone, unlike other apps, this provides you more live emojis with which you can make your chat extraordinary and delightful.

Features of IMO for pc app are incredible. This app utilizes less data and works efficiently. The most interesting feature of this app is that you can even see what the person is going to send you in the next moment, what he/she is going to write either good or bad you'll see real-time chat. The real-time chat refers to the above line.

Emoji's & Smilies

Sometimes you have to express something, but you don't want to write too long. So, these emoji's will help you to describe what you want to say. Below we have described a situation where you'll find the importance of the emojis.

You are taking me in a wrong way, I meant something else. Ever happened this?

Don't bother this app has introduced those emojis with you can easily express your feelings either of love or hate, working or free.


IMO for pc has introduced different languages in the app. Sometimes people want to make their bonding, not in their locality but in other cities and countries too, however, they face the problem of understanding the language. So, the important feature is added in this now, near about 30 languages have been included and much more to come yet. So, this is really great news for all of you. 


The privacy is crucial for everyone. Most of the apps have the best way to maintain user's privacy. But IMO for PC is bit different app. It has an encrypted connection which makes your chat more secure.

Data Transmission

The data transmission rate of imo is good as compared to other apps. So, this will also save your Laptop's battery.

Free - Send Messages, Make Audio & Video Calls

The best thing to have is free. And Imo for PC provides free audio & video calls for free across the world.
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