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IMO for PC is an app which lets you stay connected with your family, friends & relatives with their video, audio calling for free. Along with free audio & video calling IMO for PC allows us to send messages across the world. The main feature of IMO is their high-quality video calling feature which helps them to emerge as the best video calling app.

IMO for PC

IMO app was firstly released for Android users and then IMO released their other versions. IMO is giving a tough competition to other messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. The key to the success of this app is its simplicity. Having a simple and clean layout will be enough to satisfie a use which IMO for PC did.

If you got any trouble while installing IMO app, I'd help you to solve the issue. There were several ways to install IMO for PC. You can install this app on a proper setup of this app. If your PC doesn't support this app due to some issues, then you can install it by using Bluestack app player.
IMO is primarily developed for performing video calls everywhere. So, this is the reason it is giving a healthy competition to others apps like Skype and Whatsapp. Imo app provides High-Quality, stable video calls at slow Internet connection also. It auto adjust video quality according to your Internet connection.

Features Of IMO for PC

IMO got some unique features which make it a must have app for its users. This app doesn't provide you the ton of features, but it offers you quality. And Quality is always preferred over the quantity. So, read them below and learn more about this app.

After reading it's features you will be keen to install this wonderful app.

Take some time to read them carefully.

  • You can call, chat and share whatever you want.
  • IMO app lets you send and receive messages for free of cost so download IMO today and enjoy.
  • You got some new emoji's which will enhance your experience. And allows you to chat more good looking.
  • You got some new emoji's which will enhance your experience. And allows you to chat more good looking.
  • These stickers help you to reflect your emotions & feelings to your loved ones.
  • Data transmission speed is one of the biggest problems in remote/rural areas where you can't get enough GSM signals.
  • The best feature in this app is the language translation feature which allows you to make more friends even if you don't know their mother tongue. At this moment IMO has 30 languages in it. But they are also planning to add some more languages in their database shortly.
  • If you think highly of your Privacy, then IMO is the best app to have for calling. Because they care your privacy and never sells it to anyone.
  • This app saves your battery and helps you to talk more whenever you are talking to your dear ones.
  • It has a great feature which you've never seen before in any messaging app. Whenever you friend is typing you a message, you can see it in real time what he/she is typing.

After reading these features, you will be eager to download and install IMO for PC. And from below you can read about its information.

Pros & Cons: After all the above features and other thing now, you may be thinking of its pros and cons. So, from below you can read its pros and cons.


  • Occupy small space (including cache)
  • High Quality Video Calls
  • Thousands of stickers


  • Drains your battery fast
  • Non availibility of group chat feature
  • Does not work without the Internet

imo for pc Download Now

Download iMO Details
Downloading Size 10.1 MB
Download From
Features Transfer photos, music, videos, contacts, apps and any files
Supporting Devices Windows, Windows phone, Android, iOS devices
Mobile Required Yes, For OTP
Last Update May 20, 2017

How to Use and Install IMO for PC?

After successful download of this app from the above link double click on it and completes the installation process. Its installation process is simple just as regular installations.

Now, open the app and fill up your mobile number along with your country code and then click continue.

imo for pc
IMO for PC

Now, open the IMO app from your android device and you'll see an OTP code there.
Fill up that code in the IMO for PC and then enjoy HD video calling feature provided by IMO.


IMO for Mac PC is the emerging app today in the App market. IMO for Mac PC is the most trending app used to send and receive messages.

IMO helps us to stay connected with our family and friends for free at no cost. IMO for PC Mac is highly used in the European and the Gulf countries. This app is the most user-friendly app. No one app gain success as IMO does.

Because they clearly want to make an app which is user-friendly and provides some support to users. IMO also provides us with a lot of free stickers which is a special feature of this app. These free stickers help you to describe your emotions.

IMO is used globally and one of the best video calling software available. Imo For Mac PC Versions Overview. IMO for Mac PC was launched after for the Android. But most of the people don't know how to install IMO for Mac PC.

So, I will guide you through using IMO for Mac. If you want to have a clean and good install of IMO then read this article carefully. Actually, this article is developed for a clean install of this app.

If you want to install IMO on windows, then it is very easy. But on the other side, it is not so easy because IMO was not officially launched for Mac platforms. But we can still use it. Please read carefully for a successful install of this app. Read our all instructions carefully and then you'll be able to use it on your device.

Note: If you have another device such as Andriod, iOS or Windows then you can make a successful install of this app on your devices.

We provide IMO for PC, IMO for Mac, IMO for Android, IMO for iOS, IMO for blackberry.

Features Of Imo For PC Mac

This IMO app is loaded with a lot of special features. With this app, you can get connected with your family, friends, etc. It saves your money and also you don't need to make a special recharge for that. It also saves your data usage because it consumes low data while sharing photos and you don't need to make recharge every day.

This is a very special feature provided by IMO. Besides all these features IMO also provides video calling facility which is not available in the other apps. Their video calling facility also consumes low data coverage. It works on any type of connection. Even at the 2G connection, it provides HQ video calling facility. When you send messages it will be sent in a flash.

It also provides us free stickers for use. The stickers help us to describe our emotions. You can create groups and chat in groups. The most important thing is that your connection is encrypted. That's why the IMO app is special among all the apps. This app also brings us closer by providing video calling facility.

Languages In Imo For Mac PC

IMO for PC Mac comes with 30 languages. Not only this, you can make conservation with any person using the below 30 languages. These 30 languages are, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.

You can talk to any person using these languages. Now, you will think that how this works and the answer is below.

For E.g, if you are typing a message in Hindi and want to send it to a person speaks and write dutch. Then your message will be automatically translated to dutch language.

Imo team is about to add some new languages so, they can attract more users to their app to join and share.

Today, they have more than 50 million users.

Imo For Mobile Devices The fast growing IMO app is now available for other mobile platforms also and some of them are listed as follows.

The method we provide to you is the easiest method to use this app on Mac PC.

You firstly need to download and install ipadian.

Then the other steps are listed below.Install Ipadian To Use Imo For Mac PC. The IMO for Mac PC has not been officially launched for Mac platform.

So, we need an emulator to use this app successfully.
You don't need to pay nothing for that.
Yes, it is totally free service. Now, follow some simple steps and you can start using IMO for Mac.

  1. Go to the ipadian official website from, here.
  2. After downloading this app install it.
  3. When you have installed this app on your PC.
  4. Open the app.Search for "emo" and download the app and install it.
  5. This is the only way to use this app.

Enjoy this app and use IMO. You will get the same interference on your Mac PC and on your mobile phone. Even you can send messages to a person using IMO for Android or other platforms.

Imo For Blackberry - New Version

IMO for blackberry, the most popular video calling app is now available in IMO for blackberry. IMO is globally loved by about 50 million peoples. IMO is launched on all the platforms available. Now, IMO is available for Android, IMO for PC, IMO for ios, IMO for Android.

That's why IMO has gained this success worldwide. IMO is free for use and can be easily downloaded on the blackberry app store.

So, what are you waiting for? Download IMO for blackberry today for free.IMO App For Blackberry Download.

If you want to send a message using the IMO app on his PC but you are on your phone then it doesn't matter the message will be delivered to him without any delay. IMO has a notable increase in their users because the features that IMO app has. Also the facilities they provide.

They always provide a user-friendly experience to us. This app is now giving the toughest challenge to the other social media giants. Not only this, IMO was created and launched by former Google employees so you can imagine that this app is made with a lot of experience.

Today IMO is giving a tough competition. With IMO app for blackberry, you can easily communicate with your family, friends, relatives, etc. This app makes you a lot closer to your family and friends. You can make free video chat with them in high quality. You don't need an extra recharge for IMO app you can use it for your data services.

This app got some special features and I have listed them below.

Features Of Imo App For Blackberry

  • Imo app provides uninterrupted services to us for free.
  • We can make group chats.
  • You can send and receive unlimited text messages.
  • Make voice calls easily.It also avoids data charges.
  • Make video calls in high quality.
  • Encrypt your connection for chatting.
  • Offers free and useful stickers.
  • Optimised for the Android devices.
  • It consumes low data.
  • It also comes with high video quality.
  • IMO works overall connection.

IMO is a top ranked app for blackberry. IMO for Blackberry also provides chat history function.

You can easily use it in your mother language.Languages available in the limo app for blackberry. When IMO was launched it was available in English only. But now is available in 30 new languages. It includes Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Vietnamese, etc. This will help the users to communicate with each other in their mother language. This special feature is not available in the other apps.

This app also helps you to make friends from other countries because of their language translator. If you send a message to a person in your language then the other person will receive the message in his own language.

This is the reason that it has over 50 million satisfied users.Imo For Blackberry By Using On Chrome. This Feature is not an official feature from IMO but provided by Chrome to use IMO for blackberry. For this purpose, you must have Chrome installed on your device and then you can use it.

To have a successful install of IMO you should read our tutorial form below to have a risk free install.

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